Occupational Therapist – Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County

Application Deadline: 2022-08-08
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Job Title: Occupational Therapist
Hours: Full-Time or Part-Time options available
Reports to: MHLC Rehabilitation Services Manager

Position Education Qualifications/Licensure:
• Four years baccalaureate degree in Occupational Therapy from an accredited school.
• Certification by the National Board of Certification in Occupational Therapy (NBCOT).
• Active Occupational Therapy License in the State of Wisconsin.
• No exclusion from participation in Medicare, Medicaid and any other Federal healthcare programs.
• Possess or be eligible for a valid Wisconsin driver’s license.
• Two years clinical experience preferred.

Position Summary:
• The Occupational Therapist (OTR) is responsible for providing evaluative and therapeutic services to pediatric, adolescent, adult, and geriatric populations demonstrating perceptual motor, cognitive, physical, social, and behavioral deficits in order to maximize functional living skills. Other responsibilities include providing education related to those deficits including work simplification and energy conservation as it applies to the deficit and functional living skills, as well as education for the prevention of further injuries.

Essential Functions:
• Demonstrates professional responsibility in the therapist role.
o Demonstrates leadership skills.
o Demonstrates communication skills with other professionals.
o Demonstrates communication skills with patient/family.
o Complies with personnel policies.
o Takes responsibility for self- development.
o Creates an environment that fosters professional behavior.
o Verbalizes expectations related to organizational mission, department expectations and performance improvement.
o Demonstrates fiscal responsibility.
o Demonstrates team- building skills.
o Demonstrates supervisory responsibilities.
o Demonstrates advocacy towards patient/family including an awareness of customer satisfaction, an understanding of patient rights and responsibilities, confidentiality, informed consent, advance care planning, process for resolution of a conflict in care or treatment decisions, organizational ethics (Code of Ethics), and Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Resuscitation Plan.
o Complies with Compliance Plan.
o Maintain knowledge and competency of EMR .
• Performs assessments designed to gather data relevant to the patients’ individual needs.
o Uses EMR to collect patient information.
o Evaluates cognitive status.
o Evaluates sensory status.
o Assesses neuromuscular status.
o Assesses cardiopulmonary status.
o Evaluates range of motion.
o Evaluates strength.
o Evaluates posture.
o Interprets physiological response.
o Evaluates fine motor coordination.
o Evaluated for wheelchair selection.
o Evaluates for splinting and orthotics.
o Evaluates activities of daily living.
o Performs Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE).
o Performs job site assessment
o Evaluates functional mobility (e.g. bed mobility, wheelchair mobility, sitting and standing balance, transfers.
o Performs age specific assessments. (pediatric 0-17, young adult 18-44, adult/middle-age 45-65, later adult >65).
o Performs abuse assessment (sexual, domestic, child, elderly, substance).
• Develops/implements patient care plans.
o Interprets practitioner referrals.
o Interprets evaluation.
o Develops individualized treatment plan with measurable goals.
o Assesses patient’s response to treatment.
o Provides patient/family education.
o Participates in patient care conferences and discharge planning.
• Manages patient care
o Initiates and manages treatment programs.
o Utilizes exercise with equipment.
o Utilizes exercise without equipment.
o Provides adaptive equipment.
o Manages burn/wound care.
o Performs sensory integration.
o Manages neurological patient.
o Performs myofascial techniques.
o Manages industrial programs.
o Manages orthopedic patients.
o Manages splinting and orthotics.
o Manages patient’s positioning needs.
o Utilizes physical agents.
o Manages wheelchair selection and instruction.
• Manages psychological component.
o Cares for patient with altered body image.
o Cares for patient with anxiety.
o Cares for patient with depression.
o Cares for the grieving patient/family.
• Demonstrates organizational skills
o Prioritizes patient care responsibilities.
o Gives rationale for clinical decisions.
o Demonstrates ability to adapt responses to unexpected events.
o Delegates activities.
• Completes patient care responsibilities within specified timeframe.
• Demonstrates communication responsibilities.
o Communicates pertinent patient information to physician and other healthcare professionals.
o Demonstrates documentation per protocol.
o Complies with MHLC policy for receiving provider orders, including verbal orders.
o Demonstrates procedure for calling a medical emergency.
• Complies with health and safety standards and guidelines.
o Maintains a safe environment.
o Follows procedures for reporting and recording of health and safety-related incidents.
o Complies with emergency plans.
o Complies with policy and procedures on fire safety.
o Complies with standards and guidelines on electrical safety.
o Complies with standards/guidelines on fall prevention/protection.
o Complies with standard/guidelines for ergonomic safety.
o Manages equipment safety.
o Complies with standards/guidelines on chemical safety.
o Complies with guidelines for biohazard safety.
o Complies with standards/guidelines on bloodborne pathogen exposure control.
o Complies with standards/guidelines on tuberculosis (TB).
o Complies with standards/guidelines on respiratory protection plan.
o Complies with standards/guidelines on personal protective equipment (PPE).
o Complies with standards/guidelines on physical restraints.
o Complies with standards/guidelines on workforce violence.
o Complies with MHLC employee health requirements.
• Performs other duties as necessary.

Equipment to be used:
• Use of occupational therapy equipment such as splinting equipment, tools, testing, and treatment equipment. Use of office equipment such as telephone, copy machine, FAX, paging system, etc.

• Must have strong interpersonal and organizational skills.
• Must have an understanding of the physical and emotional stresses that occur with illness and disease and be able to work with individuals under these stresses.
• Must be able to interact and practice in collaboration with a variety of healthcare professionals.
• Must have the ability to motivate people and create a positive work environment.
• Must have the ability to resolve problems quickly and effectively.
• Must display a high degree of emotional maturity while keeping difficult situations in proper perspective.

Physical Demands:
• Full range of body motion and dexterity to allow for the significant handling, transferring, pushing/pulling, and lifting of patients and equipment.
• The ability to frequently lift, carry, push, or pull up to 75 lb. and occasionally lift, carry, push, or pull over 75 lb.
• Standing and walking 85% of the time and sitting 15% of the time.
• Eye-hand coordination, finger dexterity, odor and color perception and discrimination, functional visual ability and depth perception, functional sound perception and discrimination
• Frequent bending, kneeling, climbing, twisting, reaching at/or above and below shoulder level, and balancing.
• Wearing gloves and other protective equipment
• Working under stressful conditions or working irregular hours

Typical Mental Demands:
• Ability to deal with pressure to meet deadlines, to be accurate, to handle constantly changing situations, and to create a positive work environment.
• Ability to deal with a variety of people, stressful situations, and handle conflict, while maintaining a positive work environment.
• Ability to communicate in a professional manner both verbally and in writing.
• Ability and willingness to gain new skills and knowledge necessary for the performance of essential job functions.
• Ability to give, receive and analyze information for the performance of essential job functions.
• Must be mentally adaptable and flexible in dealing with a variety of people and facilities to create a positive work environment. Is frequently called upon to handle difficult situations.
• Must be able to deal with a variety of emotions and frustrations. Emotional stability and personal maturity are important attributes in this position.
• Must be able to resolve problems, handle conflicts, and make effective decisions under pressure.
• Must be able to give, receive, and analyze information.
• Must be able to remember multiple messages, information, and task assignments for up to 8 hours.
• Must be able to effectively communicate, providing verbal feedback and written documentation in a professional manner. Requires public contact and excellent interpersonal skills.

Working Conditions
• Exposure to disagreeable odors, communicable diseases, and bodily fluids; exposure to chemicals such as disinfectants, cleansers, soap, etc.; exposure to latex, plastic, and other materials used for personal protective equipment.
• Exposure to unpredictable patient behaviors.
• Requires independent car travel to facilities.

Employee Responsibility in an Emergency:
As an employee of Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County, you are expected to respond to emergencies involving the safety of patients, other employees, visitors and the facility. This includes the ability to assist with a possible evacuation of facility if that has been deemed necessary.

Management Statement:
This job description is not intended to be all-inclusive. The employee will also perform other reasonable job related duties as assigned by the Hospital Committee. The Hospital Committee reserves the right to change job responsibilities, duties and hours as needs prevail. This document is for management communication only and not intended to imply a written or implied contract of employment.


Deadline Note:

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