Medical Examiner – Part-time

Application Deadline: 2021-06-13
Job Type: County
Job Description:

The Medical Examiner conducts and reports on the medical investigation of all known or suspected violent, accidental, unusual, or medically unattended deaths. The Medical Examiner performs duties as outlined in Wisconsin State Statutes 979, 30.67 (6), 48.981(2), 59.34 and the Wisconsin Administrative Code as may be amended or required by law.

Essential Duties:
Responds to death calls and documents the death scene. Examines deceased and the circumstances of death.
Conducts thorough and independent death scene investigations. Takes photographs, collects toxicology samples, and other forensic evidence from the body as needed. Collects and preserves physical evidence in accordance with the chain of custody procedures.
Performs physical examinations and tests incidental to any manner of a criminal nature when request by the Courts or District Attorney.
Removes and transports body from scene to appropriate facility as necessary.
Arranges for performance of pathological or mediological examinations or other tests, including autopsies, as individual situations warrant, and may accompany body to and observe autopsies.
Assists in identification of the decedent. Notifies next of kin personally or in conjunction with law enforcement or judicial agencies.
Prepares and provides cremation authorizations, permission to embalm, disinterment permits and death certificates as required. Prepares and submits reports, documentation and correspondence.
Provide court testimony as needed.
Maintains complete files on all case reports to the Medical Examiner’s Office.
Appoints Deputy Medical Examiners. Coordinates 24-hour availability of the Medical Examiner and/or Deputy Medical Examiners to the Douglas County 911/Communications Center.
Provides overall administrative/program support and supervision to the Medical Examiner’s Office.
Prepares departmental budget. Monitors budget, contracts, services, costs and other factors throughout the year. Recommends budget adjustments.
Maintain current knowledge of appropriate methods and procedures related to the duties or the Medical Examiner.
Attends and submits oral/written reports to the Public Safety Committee.
Performs other duties as required.

Minimum Qualifications:
A valid driver’s license and proof on insurance is required. An Associate’s Degree in nursing, medical technology, chemistry, biology, medicine, pre-med, paramedic, EMT, forensic science, criminal justice or closely related field is preferred, with two years medical investigative experience, or a combination education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge skills and abilities. One year supervisory experience preferred. Must be available 24 hours per day, seven days per week, unless a qualified replacement is available.

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