Maintenance Worker – Lafayette County Highway Department

Application Deadline: 2022-12-01
Job Type: County
Job Description:

P. O. Box 100 ~ 12016 Hill Street ~ Darlington, WI 53530
Phone (608) 776-4919 ~ Fax (608) 776-4223


This position will be a highway maintenance worker position. The successful candidate will provide maintenance support of the county highway system and perform other related highway maintenance and construction work as directed by the Highway Commissioner and State Patrol Superintendent.


Education: Graduation from high school or high school equivalency required; possession of a valid commercial driver’s license with air brake and combination endorsements; training in highway maintenance, road construction or equipment repair preferred.

Experience: One year of experience in highway and road maintenance activities operating a variety of heavy equipment; experience in the maintenance and repair of highway equipment desirable.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Knowledge of techniques, methods, materials and equipment used in highway maintenance and improvement; skill in operating a variety of heavy and other equipment; mechanical ability; ability to move up to 60 lbs. repetitively; knowledge of equipment repair and maintenance procedures; ability to read and understand written and oral instructions; ability to work well in teams of co-workers; ability to accept constructive criticism; ability to work in adverse weather/environmental conditions; ability to work effectively and harmoniously with others.

Under general direction, to perform skilled or semi-skilled labor in the Lafayette County Highway Department; to maintain and improve sections of the county highway system; to maintain and operate air hammers and other power and construction equipment; to operate vehicles with 25,000 GVW and over; to check and maintain culverts, ditches, bridges, signs, posts and guardrails; to pave and patch road surfaces; to operate and maintain heavy construction and other equipment; to fill in and spread gravel on roadways and shoulders; to act as crew leader; to operate the bituminous paver, screed and aggregate spreader; to maintain and repair buildings, fixtures, facilities and equipment; to coordinate the repair of concrete and bituminous pavements; to load, unload, erect and remove snow fences and posts; to shovel or remove snow; to plow snow and apply salt/sand; to mow right of way, to cut brush, wood and weeds; to perform routine maintenance and repair to highway department equipment (e.g. change oil and filter, lubricate machinery, change tires, replace mufflers, spark plugs, wires, batteries, etc.); to assist mechanics when assigned; to assemble and disassemble plows, blades, cutters and other equipment; to control traffic; to pick up rubbish and perform building maintenance/custodial duties; and to perform such other duties as may be assigned. Will be subject to Emergency Call-In. Evening, weekend and holiday work will be required.

General and specific assignments are received and work is performed according to methods and procedures with allowance for some independence in judgment in accomplishing the assignments.

May supervise limited term employees or student interns.

Vibrations, noise and odor from heavy equipment; must be able to bend, lift and stoop to perform duties; must be able to manipulate controls to operate equipment; personal protective equipment is required for many job tasks. May be exposed to odors, dust and severe weather.

Wages will be paid according to the latest agreement with Lafayette County. See schedule below:

01-01-2020 Classification
Start: $17.31 12mo: $18.94 Base: $20.37 84mo: $21.18

Starting Wages are 85% of base wage. One year wage is 93% of base wage. ATB percentage increases were applied to the base wage and the 84 month Wage.

The following benefits will be available to the successful candidate:
They include, but are not limited to:

Vacation; currently-

*80 hours of vacation for new hires upon completion of six months
Hire thru 4 Years 80 Hours Vacation
5 thru 6 Years 100 Hours Vacation
7 thru 9 Years 120 Hours Vacation
10 thru 14 Years 140 Hours Vacation
15 thru 19 Years 160 Hours Vacation
20 thru 24 Years 184 Hours Vacation
25 and thereafter 200 Hours Vacation

Sick Pay: Regular full time employees can accumulate 1 working day of sick leave with pay for each month of service up to an accumulated maximum of 120 working days. Employee may not use sick leave until after 90 day probation is passed.

Retirement: The County participates in the Wisconsin Retirement Fund.

Health Insurance: The county offers health insurance as per policy handbook.

Other benefits such as holidays, guaranteed call in pay, personal days, funeral leave, are listed in the current Employee Handbook.

This description has been prepared to assist in evaluating duties, responsibilities and skills of the position. It is not intended as a complete list of specific responsibilities or duties.

Deadline Note: 11:59 p.m.