Land Use and Conservation Planning Technician II

Application Deadline: 2021-11-30
Job Type: County
Job Description:

This position performs skilled technical field and office work for the Resource Management and Land Use Divisions for residential, commercial, and agricultural land uses focusing on erosion, stormwater and ordinance compliance. Work is performed and assigned under the direction Land Use and Conservation Planners and supervision of the Land Use Administrator or the Resource Management Administrator. Specific assignment may be made to this position with focus on Land Use (100%), Resource Management (100%) or a combination of both (50% each).

The following duties are normal for this position. These are not to be construed as exclusive or all-inclusive. To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each duty satisfactorily. Other duties may be required and assigned.
• Reviews applications for permits for conformance with the applicable standards and procedures of County land use ordinances and conservation Best Management Practices (BMPs) standards.
• Informs development professionals, local officials, agricultural producers, and the general public about the standards and procedures required by County land use ordinances.
• Conducts on-site field inspections to determine and document property conditions for conformance with applicable County land use Ordinances and state administrative codes.
• Researches land information and property records to evaluate and verify property and resource conditions.
• Assists in the maintenance of department permit files, databases and geographic information system.
• Inspection of erosion control and stormwater management practices on agricultural land, plats and construction sites; prepares and files inspection reports and determines site compliance.
• Assists the Land Use and Resource Management Administrator, other County staff and consultants with review and comment on proposed revisions to County plans and ordinances.
• Advises the public on various land use and conservation applications and soil and water conservation programs and cost-sharing options.
• Assists with the required responses to other governmental entities including DNR, DOT, DATCP, State Plat Review, Cities, Villages, and towns for all types of zoning, land division and conservation approval processes.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Land Use Division Functions
• Assists with the administration of the St. Croix County Sanitary Code: conducts soil test reviews, reviews water samples, issues sanitary permits, conducts on-site inspections and assists with enforcement of septic violations.
• Assists with enforcement of land use ordinances which includes screens complaints, investigates and documents alleged violations, identifies and informs property owners and occupants of specific violations, works to resolve enforcement issues and performs ongoing inspections.
• Assists Land Use Administrator with preparation of documentation for Corporation Counsel review related to enforcement of County land use ordinances and testifies as needed.
• Participates in the review of applications for conditional uses, variances, subdivisions and rezoning.
• Participates in technical review team meetings to analyze land use applications and enforcement activities.
• Performs inspections and evaluations of conservation/drainage easement conditions and mandated BMPs.
• Maintains database of all County permitted Non-Metallic Mines; sends mailings annually to collect permit fees and assesses current mining operations. Performs inspections annually in accordance with County permit conditions, NR 135 and statutes.
• Assists with the administration of County Zoning and Land Division Ordinances; reviews and issues land use permits and performs site inspections related to permit approval.

Resource Management Division Functions
• Conducts and documents field inspections to assure compliance with conservation and agricultural runoff and erosion control plans and practices and program requirements pertaining to Farmland Preservation, Animal Waste Ordinance and NR 151 compliance utilizing SNAP PLUS software.
• Lead staff for the Farmland Preservation Program (FPP) providing assistance to enrolled and interested landowners regarding the program and its NR151 compliance requirements and serves as a resource for other agencies regarding FPP within St. Croix County.
• Performs surveys and produces engineered plans for best management practices (BMPs) utilizing AutoCAD software, survey equipment, and ArcGIS. Obtains engineering job approval from Department of Ag Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) and the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)
• Calculate and reports phosphorous and other pollutant reduction numbers for implemented projects using computer modeling (STEPL).
• Conducts and maintains the County Annual transect survey to monitor crops, tillage, cover crops, and other ag activities and land use changes.
• Works with landowners to complete cost share projects such as nutrient management plans and well abandonments using County cost-share funds.
• Conducts site response and reporting related to reported spills and reported complaints in accordance to the County Spill Response Plan.
• Assists with nitrate and groundwater monitoring programs conducted by the county; reports and inspects new and existing sinkholes for groundwater protection.

• Bachelor’s degree in land use planning, regional planning, biological science, environmental science, soil science, geology, or related field.
• Two years’ experience working in planning, zoning, land and water conservation, public health or environmental programs.

Certifications, based on work assignment, must be obtained and maintained as outlined below.
• Wisconsin or Minnesota Soil Erosion Control Inspector Certification, within 6 months of hire.

Land Use Assignment:
• Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (POWTS) Inspector Certification, within 6 months of hire.
• Certified Soil Tester license, within one year of hire.

Resource Management Assignment:
• Minnesota BWSR Technical Online Training and Certification Core Competency: Soils Module 1-3, within 6 months of hire.
• Ag Engineering Practitioner Certification for two conservation practices, within two years of hire.

Deadline Note:

Jefferson County Register of Deeds Staci Hoffman testified today before the Senate Committee on Housing, Commerce, and Trade on SB 590, which deals with requirements related to condominium documents. @NACoTweets

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