Highway Operator 1

Application Deadline: 2022-12-07
Job Type: County
Job Description:

The purpose of the Highway Operator 1 is to perform a variety of maintenance duties and repair vehicles, machines and equipment for Sauk County Highway Department.
*This vacancy is for 2nd shift (3:00pm 0- 11:00pm).

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Operate road maintenance, construction and repair vehicles and equipment including trucks, rollers, water trucks, front end loaders, tractors, mowers, brush chippers, compressors, semi-tractor and trailer, shop crane, conveyor, portable traffic signals, pavement saws, chainsaw, cement mixer, compactor, loaders, jackhammer, curbing machine, weed trimmers, cutting torch and snowplow truck.

• Use judgement based upon public safety as to where, when, and how to remove snow and ice from roadways and apply treatments to roadways for winter maintenance activities.

• Operate brush cutters, asphalt kettles, weed sprayers, forklifts and various hand tools while remaining conscious of traffic and crew safety.

• Fill cracks and potholes with paving materials.

• Transport heavy equipment to job sites with truck and trailer.

• Replace and repair road signs, guardrails and other roadway markers and ensure that all apparatus meets current traffic safety standards.

• Perform routine maintenance tasks on equipment and trucks such as ensuring equipment is serviced with fuel, oil, coolants, lubricants, and tire pressure.

• Mow right-of-way and trims and remove brush while remaining conscious of traffic and crew safety.

• Perform or assist mechanics with minor repairs and maintenance to tools and equipment.

• Ensure equipment is in safe working condition.

• Assist with signing and traffic control and use judgment to ensure traffic work zones are set up correctly to maximize public and crew safety.

• Sweep bridges.

• Maintain daily activity log.

• Provide traffic control for construction, maintenance, and utility work zones.

• Respond to roadway emergency situations and assess how best to apply traffic control or debris removal to safely restore traffic flow and protect emergency response personnel.

Position Specific Duties and Responsibilities

1. Clean offices, restrooms, and meetings rooms.
2. Collect and dispose of waste and separate recyclable materials.
3. Sweep floors, strip old wax and apply new.
4. Wash windows and dust furniture and fixtures.
5. Vacuum and shampoo rugs.
6. Gather litter from grounds.
7. Mow grass, trim trees and shrubs.
8. Remove snow and ice from walkways.
9. Perform minor repairs to plumbing fixtures.
10. Change fluids and make minor repairs to lawn mowers.
11. Secure doors, windows, gates and gas pumps at night.
12. Contact personnel as required for emergency conditions outside regular hours.
13. Receive and distribute weather reports during storm activities.
14. Load truck drivers during emergency operations.

Sign Crew
1. Fabricate, repair and maintain road signs and work zone traffic control in accordance with the Federal Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices and its Wisconsin supplement.
2. Install variety of road maintenance signs on State, County and Local roads, guardrails and other highway markers.
3. Operate road maintenance and repair equipment including trucks, loaders, cranes, chain saws, trimmers and snowplowing equipment.
4. Install and maintain signs and barricades for highway project detours and road closures.
5. Direct highway traffic lights during maintenance and repair projects.
6. Fill cracks and potholes with paving materials.
7. Operate and maintain and perform maintenance on sign manufacturing equipment.
8. Maintain computer data base of all County road sign locations and sign related activities.
9. Complete all necessary documentation required by the County or Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) relating to sign installation, repair, replacement or removal.
10. Maintain sign manufacturing equipment, signs, supplies, and order new materials as needed.
11. Install and maintain signs and barricades for highway project detours and road closures.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities

• Pick up debris and trash.

• Remove roadway obstructions.

• Contact Sheriff’s Department and other agencies regarding motorists in distress

• And other duties as assigned.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

• Descriptive data and information, such as regulations, blueprints, timecards, equipment maintenance schedules and general operating manuals.

• Verbally and in writing with Highway Department personnel, law enforcement personnel, paving crews and the general public.

• Explain, demonstrate, and clarify to others established policies, procedures, and standards.

• Adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.

• Maintain all relevant certifications.

• Compare, count, differentiate, measure, sort, classify, compute, tabulate, and/or categorize data and/or information.

• Assemble, copy, record, and transcribe data and/or information.

• Analyze data and information using established criteria to define consequences and consider and select alternatives.

• Apply functional and situational reasoning by exercising judgement, decisiveness, and creativity in everyday routine and non-routine situations.

• Use fine and gross motor skills to perform tasks such as operating road maintenance and repair heavy equipment and tools, two-way radio, lawn mowers, drills, cutting torches, rollers, trucks, hand tools, etc.

• Exert effort in moderate to heavy work, such as lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, stooping, crouching, crawling, climbing, balancing, and standing for long periods of time.

• Recognize and identify degrees of similarity and differences between characteristics of colors, forms, sounds, odors, textures, etc. associated with objects, materials, and ingredients.


• Moderately unsafe and uncomfortable in respects to noise, temperature variations, odors, toxic agents, and dust.

• Occasionally on call for emergencies.

Required Working Hours

Standard working hours vary based on season. Summer working hours are 6:00am until 4:00pm Monday through Thursday. Winter working hours are 7:00am until 3:00pm Monday through Friday. Must be available nights, holidays, and weekends during snowstorms or other emergencies
Must maintain a telephone to be able to be contacted for emergency situations. Emergency on call may be needed. Please note these hours are subject to change and additional hours may be needed or required. Reimbursement for such additional hours is subject to state and federal regulations.
Education and Experience Requirements

Required: High School diploma or equivalent

Licenses/Certifications: Become commercial driver’s license Class A, B, and C with N endorsements certified within 6 months of start date
Become Federal Mine Safety certified within 6 months of start date
Become First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certified within 6 months of start date
Become Chainsaw Safety certified within 6 months of start date
Become Forklift Operator certified within 6 months of start date
Become Work Zone Safety certified within 6 months of start date

Preferred: 2 years of heavy equipment operating experience

Any combination of education and experience that provides equivalent knowledge, skills and abilities may be considered.


Deadline Note: