Highway Laborer (Summer-LTE/Seasonal)

Application Deadline: 2022-05-14
Job Type: County
Job Description:


Under general direction, aide in the maintenance of State and County Trunk Highways, ditches and right of way so as to aid in the safe flow of traffic throughout Green Lake County; to perform maintenance work as needed.



EMPLOYMENT PERIOD: June –September, approximately 640 hours.  Actual start and end dates are somewhat flexible.



The percent of time spent on various jobs in the Highway Laborer (Summer-LTE/Seasonal) classification can vary from job to job and season to season and within the season based on many variables that need to be taken into consideration.  Given these elements of change, approximately:

Mowing, tree and brush control 30% of the time.
Blacktop and shoulder work, including filling potholes 20%of the time.
Flags and directs traffic when work is being conducted on roads 20% of the time.
Clears debris and picks up litter 10% of the time.
Assists in the upkeep, maintenance and repair of buildings, grounds and equipment 10% of the time.
Performs other work as assigned by the Commissioner or Superintendent 10% of the time.

General knowledge of methods, materials and equipment used in road construction and maintenance projects.
Knowledge, ability and skill in the use of measuring devices, assorted small tools that could be hand or power, motorized vehicles, and lawn mowers.  Assorted personal protective equipment as required.
Ability and skill to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing or with hand and arm signals.
Ability to adapt to changing conditions.
Ability to work flexible schedule to accommodate needs.
Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, supervisors and the public.

EDUCATION:  High School diploma or GED equivalency desired.

EXPERIENCE / JOB KNOWLEDGE:  1-2 years’ experience working in road construction and maintenance preferred or experience that provides the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities. Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license.


PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Given the variable and seasonal functions of this position, physical demands vary greatly from work assignments and seasonal demands. Approximately 75-90% of the time, depending on the actual work assignment, the employee will be performing work which could involve acute vision demands, walking, bending and twisting, feeling, standing, reaching, sitting, climbing hills or stairs, stooping, kneeling, verbally communicating, grappling, crouching, balancing, crawling and climbing ladders and getting on and off equipment are all required at various times and for various assignments. Communications while working may be verbal.  Good peripheral vision is necessary to assist the operator with maintenance and construction work as well as safety in work operations especially when working in traffic.  Vision and hearing are important to this job as are hand and eye coordination.  Approximately 10-25% of a shift may be spent lifting and carrying up to 80 pounds, as required.

ENVIRONMENTAL DEMANDS:   Up to 95% of work can be performed outdoors, exposed to seasonal weather elements, which could mean extreme hot, cold or humid conditions; 75% of work has exposure to noise or work involving vibration; 5% of work could be performed indoors.  Hazards of this position include dangers from mechanical equipment, fast moving vehicles, heights, burns, fumes, mists or gasses, noxious odors, exposure to weather, dust, heat, equipment noise and fumes, electrical, and chemicals.  May be required to work long or unusual hours as necessary to meet departmental needs. 


Deadline Note:

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