Finance Director / County Auditor

Application Deadline: 2024-09-08
Job Type: County
Job Description:


TITLE: Finance Director/County Auditor




FLSA: Exempt – Administrative

This position will act as the County Auditor as well as direct, develop, and coordinate the County’s overall financial management program. This includes but is not limited to the development, implementation, and administration of a fund based accounting and financial reporting system. This position will also exercise supervision over departmental accounting and reporting methods for all departments in Grant County.


1. Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university in Accounting or Business Administration or related field

1. Four or more years’ experience of professional auditing or accounting preferred
2. Experience in governmental auditing and accounting preferred
3. Experience in budget management and systems analysis work desirable

Note: Equivalent combinations of job related education and experience may be considered

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
1. Knowledge of the principles and theory of accounting and auditing
2. Knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB)
3. Knowledge of Governmental Accounting and Financial Reporting (GAAFR)
4. Knowledge of laws, regulations, and administrative rules governing municipal financial management
5. Knowledge of governmental accounting, cost analysis and a concise appraisal of administrative fiscal management
6. Ability to apply the principles and theory of accounting and auditing to required governmental standards
7. Ability to produce meaningful and useful information data
8. Ability to prepare and analyze complex reports, financial statements and relevant data pertinent audits and required reporting to other governmental agencies
9. Ability to analyze, summarize, and present financial information clearly and concisely
10. Ability to maintain confidentiality of information concerning the County’s position in labor relations
11. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the public and governmental officials, department heads, and employees
12. Ability to work effectively and harmoniously with others

Under general direction
1. Responsible for creating, updating, and coordinating with all departments the implementation of financial procedures, fiscal reporting and accounting methods; monthly and periodic reconciliation of account and financial statement balances, budget preparation and budget management
2. Maintain the County’s general ledger, recording receipts and disbursements of money
3. Assist in pre-auditing of bills and other county expenditures
4. Make recommendations to the Executive Committee and to the County Board for the need to change accounting methods and systems in order to conform to reporting and auditing standards as required by rules or law
5. Close Highway Department books annually and provide closing entries and trial balance to department staff
6. Responsible for completion and/or oversight of accounting activities for Social Services Department, including processing of vendor payments, preparation of contract reimbursement claims, and financial reporting and analysis.
7. Prepare pre-audit supporting schedules for annual review by the independent auditor so as to reduce the amount of time and cost of the annual audit; serve as the liaison between the county departments and work with the auditors while they are conducting the audit; prepare MDA and Schedules of State and Federal Awards for audit report
8. Provide balance sheet and financial statement for County Board annually
9. Responsible for supervising the opening and closing of the County books of account, and reconciling closing balances to the budgetary financial statements for the year
10. Assist the Executive Committee and the County Board in preparing statistical data in support of financial goals
11. Responsible to plan, organize and assist the Executive Committee in preparation and adoption of the annual budget for the County
12. Calculate and prepare apportionment sheets to municipalities
13. Prepare and submit levy limit worksheet to Department of Revenue
14. Confer with the Personnel Director on the fiscal impact of proposals received from the employee unions and provide costing information to the Personnel Director with respect to the County’s proposals for labor negotiations
15. Prepare and enter General and Appropriation journal entries
16. Reconciling payroll withholding accounts and annual W-2 reports as required
17. Oversee preparation of federal and state withholding, unemployment, and retirement reports
18. Reconcile all cash accounts with departments, including balancing Treasurer’s Cash with the County Treasurer monthly
19. Oversee payroll and general voucher computer input
20. Prepare the annual Financial Report Form to the Department of Revenue for Grant County as required by Section 73.10(2) of Wisconsin Statutes
21. Track, monitor, and implement state and federal law and tax changes related to income tax, payroll, arbitrage regulations, single audit requirements, tax rate freeze formulas, etc.
22. Perform duties of County Auditor as prescribed by Sec. 59.47 of Wis. Statutes
23. Establish county-wide uniform policies in financial procedures, fiscal reporting, accounting methods, payroll procedures and budget preparation
24. Establish, with the approval of the Executive Committee, fiscal policies of the County to ensure uniform operation
25. Provide advice, counsel and direction to all department heads to the extent necessary to ensure effective administration and implementation of approved fiscal policies, plans and programs
26. Perform such other administrative duties as may be required by County Board

General and specific assignments are received and work is performed according to methods and procedures with allowance for independence in judgment in accomplishing the assignments

Supervises the Accountant and Accounting Assistant; exercise supervision over departmental accounting and reporting methods for all departments in Grant County

Works in general office setting; dexterity in moving, picking up objects and operating office equipment is required; may sit for extended periods of time

This description has been prepared to assist in evaluating duties, responsibilities and skills of this position. It is not intended as a complete list of specific responsibilities and duties, nor is it intended to limit duties to those listed. It is understood that the supervisor has the right to assign, direct, and modify duties and responsibilities.

Deadline Note: An application for employment and job description may be obtained at or by contacting Grant County Human Resources at (608)723-2540. Letter of interest, resume, and County application will be accepted at the following location until 4 p.m. on Friday, August 9, 2024. Grant County Human Resources 111 S. Jefferson St. – PO Box 529 Lancaster WI 53813