Family Court Services Manager

Application Deadline: 2021-10-15
Job Type: County
Job Description:

POSITION TITLE: Family Court Services Manager

LOCATION: Family Court Services

SALARY: $64,228 – $70,811/Yr.

STATUS: Full time


WORK HOURS: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm


Current Winnebago County employees interested in applying for this position will need to complete the Winnebago County Application for Departmental Transfer/Position Change form. Other parties interested in applying for this position will need to complete the Winnebago County Application for Employment.

September 2021

POSITION TITLE: Family Court Services Manager

DEPARTMENT: Circuit Courts – Family Court Services

PAY BASIS: Salaried


Directs and participates in the Family Court Services Office of Winnebago County in accordance with Wisconsin Statute 767.405(1m). Assigns and manages caseloads and provides supervision to the Mediators and Administrative Associate in the office.


1. Develops, implements, supervises and evaluates program goals, operational procedures and budget to meet the needs of clients and the service mission of the department. Evaluates operations for compliance with the mandates, policies and ethical standards of the state, County and Family Court.

2. Assigns staff and oversees provision of mediation, custody study, mandatory parent education, and intake services for the Family Court of Winnebago County. Coordinates the performance of these services with Winnebago County judges, family court commissioner, court commissioner, guardians ad litem, family law attorneys and others. Assigns staff and coordinates mediation services provided to Waushara County.

3. Organizes, distributes, and delegates work to subordinates fairly and impartially. Provides clear and appropriate direction to employees. Provides training and coaching to subordinates. Ensures that staff has the resources and flexibility to perform, improve, and learn in their jobs. Keeps open communication with subordinates, listens to them, and provides feedback. Positively motivates, mentors, and leads employees. Provides appropriate and timely performance evaluations for all subordinates.


1. Administers the office and provides appropriate instruction regarding principles and practice of Family Court Services as required by the Wisconsin Family Code 767.405 and Winnebago County Family Court rules.
2. Identifies and arranges staff training. Conducts regular staff meetings to discuss issues pertinent to the delivery of department services.
3. Ensures that custody and physical placement mediation services, custody study services and parent education programs are provided according to the Wisconsin Family Code and Winnebago County Family Court rules.
4. Periodically meets with the Winnebago County judges, family court commissioner and court commissioners to address problems and changes.
5. Ensures that the Waushara County mediation contract is reviewed and maintained annually. Periodically meets with the Waushara County judge and court commissioner to address problems and changes.
6. Oversees department personnel matters including hiring, training, discipline, performance evaluation, work assignments, staffing levels and scheduling.
7. Designs and prepares statistical reports and records regarding program costs, usage and efficiency.
8. Evaluates and determines Affidavit of Income forms for clients requesting a financial waiver of mediation and/or custody study fees.
9. Performs the services of a Family Court Mediator with a designated caseload.
10. Evaluates and reviews department services for compliance with federal, state and local laws, regulations and codes, and makes appropriate revisions. Proposes and supports legislation pertaining to family court services.
11. Apprises County officials, County Board members and legislators on the possible effects of proposed legislation on department services.
12. Ensures that services are delivered professionally, objectively and efficiently.
13. Ensures that the department operates in a cost-effective and efficient manner and that the department’s financial, accounting and budget matters are kept current and accurate.
14. Ensures that relations between the department and circuit court judges, family court commissioner, court commissioners, guardians ad litem and family law attorneys are maintained in a manner that promotes cooperation and good working relationships.
15. Ensures that department staff remain current in training and professional growth.
16. Performs all the duties of the Director of Family Court Services as mandated by the Wisconsin Family Code, 767.405.
17. Performs other related duties as may be assigned.


1. Reports to the Family Court Commissioner.
2. Supervises Family Court Mediator and Administrative Associate II.
3. Works collaboratively with other mediators and support staff.
4. Works with judges, the family court commissioner, court commissioners, guardians ad litem, attorneys and other agencies in Winnebago and Waushara County, as well as surrounding counties.
5. Works with the public and clients.


1. A bachelor’s degree or higher in social work, public administration or a related field such as counseling and family therapy.
2. Training or experience as mandated by Wisconsin Statute 767.405(4) for family court mediators, or must receive all training required by statue within six months in the position.
3. Considerable experience or an educational background equal to three years in the area of family/marital adjustment, divorce adjustment, mediation/negotiation processes, child custody issues, reconciliation processes and the dynamics of custody and physical placement disputes.
4. Possession of a valid Wisconsin driver’s license, access to personal transportation and ability to meet or exceed the minimum automobile liability insurance requirements contained in the Winnebago County Travel Ordinance.


1. Knowledge of child development and age-appropriate responses to divorce and family breakup.
2. Knowledge of family, paternity, marriage and divorce dynamics.
3. Knowledge of family law as it pertains to divorce and paternity action. Knowledge of case law relating to custody, physical placement and limited financial issues as defined by Family Court Services policy.
4. Knowledge of problem-solving techniques.
5. Knowledge of conflict resolution theory and conflict management.
6. Knowledge of diverse family systems.
7. Knowledge and understanding of domestic abuse, alcohol and drug addiction, mental illness, criminal behavior, homelessness and poverty as they affect families, parents and children.
8. Knowledge, understanding and ability to describe services provided by the department, divorce, paternity dynamics, legal terminology, children’s developmental needs, parenting plans, problem-solving and conflict resolution.
9. Knowledge of community agencies that provide counseling services related to marriage, separation, divorce, stepfamilies, never-married parents and their children.
10. Ability to mediate custody, physical placement, move and limited financial issues as defined by Family Court Services policy.
11. Ability to accurately draft agreements worked out by the parents during the mediation process.
12. Ability to recognize and identify causes of functional and dysfunctional behavior in adults and children.
13. Ability to prepare clear, comprehensive, timely and accurate court reports.
14. Ability to testify in court as an expert witness regarding assessments and recommendations made in the course of a custody study.
15. Significant case management skills including the ability to organize case files, schedule appointments and dictate on cases timely and keep the daily appointment calendar current.
16. Strong written and verbal communication skills, including listening skills.


1. Ability to perform most work from a sedentary position.
2. Ability to function in situations encountered in a normal office setting.
3. Ability to use standard office equipment including telephone, computer, printer, photocopier and scanner.
4. Ability to do light lifting and moving of furniture on occasion.
5. Ability to travel to other County departments and locations.

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