Facility Director

Application Deadline: Position open until it has been filled.
Job Type: County
Job Description:


The purpose of this position is to lead, with vision and strategy, the operational activities of the Facilities Department, which is responsible for the maintenance of all County owned properties, including structures, grounds and capital equipment, as well as operation of County owned parks, and campgrounds, including customer service and store operations. The Director is selected and supervised by the County Administrator and selection is confirmed by the County Board. This leader will assure the effective functioning of multiple facilities to provide an efficient and safe environment for employees and customers by using best practices to manage resources, services and processes to meet the needs of the County. Leads the facilities team to deliver excellence in service to both internal and external customers.


Acts with integrity and builds trust through demonstrated respect, humility and honesty. Treats others with dignity.

Encourages open communication. Actively listens and demonstrates open-minded thinking and willingness to accept other’s points of view. Engages stakeholders and effectively collaborates. Demonstrates the courage to speak out appropriately with leaders and peers even when your point of view is unpopular.

Employs vision and strategy to drive positive results by leading with clear goals, objectives and desired outcomes. Seeks out new opportunities to drive results through new processes and initiatives. Evaluates and monitors to hold self and others accountable for results.

Demonstrates ability to be flexible while informally influencing others through coaching, motivation, and team-minded thinking to arrive at solutions that provide positive outcomes for all stakeholders. Seeks feedback and listens to learn despite personal setbacks.

Demonstrates agile thinking while understanding the dynamics of the organization and public influence and perception. Uses analytical skills, experience, and input from others to make critical decisions.

Serves as an active participant in various committees and teams to influence key decisions within the County. Takes intelligent risks and leads the organization through change. Demonstrates perseverance by pushing through difficult and challenging situations.

Leads, collaborates, partners, and drives results on all County-wide facility initiatives. Serves as an advocate in the County for environmental related strategies.

For more information about essential job functions, knowledge, skills, abilities, training, experience, etc. please view the link to the La Crosse County’s employment page for this position.