Engineering Technician

Application Deadline: 2022-08-31
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Job Summary
Provides advanced civil engineering technical assistance, design and plan approvals in response to State mandates, county ordinances, agencies, engineers, firms, consultants, organizations and landowners. Develops complex plans and designs working with engineers at DATCP, NRCS, WDNR, COE, and private firms/consultants involving above and below ground structures, storm water plans, drainage, soil investigations, waste handling systems, ag waste treatment, cropland, and stream bank erosion control practices. Performs a variety of engineering activities pertaining to: complaints, spills, violations, investigations, surveying, designing, drafting, inspection, and directs the layout of construction projects. Performs project management, analyzes data, reviews construction plans and specifications, provides conservation planning and approves engineering designs. Assists the County Conservationist and Land & Water Conservation Department with directing, coordinating, enforcing and monitoring the Land & Water Conservation Programs, Brown County Ordinances and State mandates in an effort to improve and protect the health and welfare of Brown County residents. Instructs and trains personnel performing natural resource and civil engineering planning and design work to protect rural drinking water supplies and surface waters. Develops and conducts information and education activities as needed.

Essential Duties
Performs skilled civil engineering field survey work for the development of complex project designs related to the following: agricultural developments, drainage, Ag waste storage and transfer, contaminated runoff treatment, cropland and stream bank erosion control, fish & wildlife habitat restoration projects. Generate detailed plans using AutoCAD Civil 3D, GIS and ArcMap showing required setbacks for property lines, wells and utilities to meet county, state and federal standards. Surveys to establish and develop project elevations, benchmarks, grades, groundwater, soil and surface water profiles and to collect data for terrain modeling.

Conducts field engineering survey construction work for; earthwork calculations, quantities, as-built plans, staking, setting grades and establish reference points for contractors and landowners.

Inspects, assists and directs contractors, landowners and varying clients in carrying out construction projects making in-field and office decisions for conflicts, design changes, construction procedures, method modifications or cease and desist orders.

Inspects, tests, approves and documents construction materials, concrete and compaction requirements. Performs slump tests, prepares concrete cylinders, analyzes concrete mix water cement ratios and ensures proper curing procedures meet standards.

Performs AutoCAD Civil 3D, GIS and ArcMap computer design work to develop complete sets of construction plans for agricultural and civil engineering designs meeting WDNR, NRCS, COE, County Ordinance and local government requirements. Complete construction plans include: plan, profile and cross-section sheets, quantities, construction notes, standard and developed detail sheets, operation and maintenance plans/agreements, inspection plans, construction specifications, standards, safety plans and cost estimates.

Develops, submits, files and distributes storm water plans and permits for construction plans and land disturbing activities for waterway, wetland and erosion control projects. Coordinates with WDNR, COE, County Departments, local authorities, contractors and landowners to inspect and insure compliance.

Assists in administering, issuing, reviewing and approving; Brown County and Village of Hobart Animal Waste Ordinance permits. Determines applicability, costs and collects fees. Reviews, comments on, develops reports and files documents to address all submitted permits and plans.

Assists in administering, reviewing, approving and inspecting permits and plans submitted for Brown County Non Metallic Mining Ordinance. Assist owners, operators, consultants, engineering firms and local authorities with WDNR NR 135 Non-Metallic Mining Reclamation plans and requirements. Coordinate activities, calculate, analyze and recommend financial assurance, conduct on-site inspections, monitor compliance, generate documents, develop budgets and reimbursements with Brown County Zoning Administrator and WDNR.

Investigates, evaluates and prepares affidavits regarding animal waste violations/spills for County Conservationist and County Corp Council. Coordinates and directs clean-up efforts and repairs to waterways, structures and underground transfer systems.

Administers, inspects, monitors and coordinates Brown County Animal Waste Inspection program. Develops inspection forms, documents, mailings, spreadsheets, collects fees and conducts on-site inspections of structures to meet county ordinance, state prohibitions, safety requirements and structural integrity.

Ensures financial and administrative procedures are completed; maintains costs of agreements, amendments, cost share calculations, funding/grant proposals, project and cost certifications.

Prepares and gives presentations and training for information and education activities with associations, community groups, schools, governmental entities and professionals.

Interpolates terrain, hydrology, ground water and soil data from USGS, USDA Soil Survey, GIS and aerial photography maps in design and plan development.

Minimum Qualifications Required
Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Natural Resources, Natural Sciences, Agriculture, Soils, Resource Management, or a related field, plus five years of experience; or any equivalent combination of education, training and surveying experience which provides the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities.

Licenses and Certifications:

Valid Driver’s License

AutoCAD Training Certification or equivalent. preferred

DATCP Agricultural Engineering Practitioner Certification or equivalent. preferred

ACI Certification – Concrete Field Testing Technician, preferred

USDA/NRCS Conservation Planner Certification, preferred

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities
Working knowledge Civil Engineering principles, disciplines, practices and procedures related to agricultural and natural resource fields.

Working knowledge and use of surveying procedures, methods, equipment and maintenance.

Working knowledge of the laws, codes, ordinances, standards, specifications and regulations for agriculture, natural resources, soil and water programs, and other related programs.

Working knowledge of construction inspection procedures, practices and documentation used in civil engineering field.

Working knowledge and ability to proficiently use modern computerized software, data networking, spreadsheet, word processing, power point, internet, GIS database, AutoCAD, GPS and ArcMap programs.

Working knowledge of project management, organization and implementation duties in concrete, earth moving, natural resource and agricultural construction activities.

Working knowledge and ability to utilize; NRCS Standards, AWMFH, EFH & NEM Engineering Handbooks and Manuals, WPDES guidelines and Wisconsin Construction Specifications.

Knowledge of Agronomy, animal husbandry/biology, farming practices, nutrient management and soil sciences.

Ability to inventory, analyze data, formulates and implements solutions to erosion and conservation problems.

Ability to make complex mathematical computations while using surveying, drafting, computer and electronic calculating equipment.

Ability to read construction plans and specifications to direct construction activities.

Ability to establish, promote, persuade and maintain working relationships with employees, professionals, landowners, contractors, governmental officials and the public.

Ability to maintain, research and update standards, codes, reference materials, training needs and engineering certification.

Ability to keep accurate, organized and detailed field notes to write detailed technical reports and perform as-built plan certifications.

Ability to communicate effectively orally, electronically and in writing.

Ability to train and instruct staff, landowners, contractors and others as needed for conservation practices, engineering design and construction.

Ability to work hours of the position.

Deadline Note:

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