Dietary Assistant – PRN at Lafayette County Manor

Application Deadline: 2022-07-18
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Lafayette Manor is looking for a Dietary Assistant to help work every other weekend and fill in as needed to help serve the residents.

Position Reports to:  Food Service Supervisor

• Minimum of 16 years of age.
• Fluently read, write and speak English and follow verbal and written job duties and schedules.
• Understand units of measurement conversions used in food preparation and perform basic math equations.
• Competently follow orders as well as proceed with routine work without direct supervision.

Job Objectives:
The primary purpose of this job position is to wash dishes and clean as instructed; serve food and beverages to the residents, in a courteous, friendly, sanitary manner, and help to maintain the smooth operation of the kitchen in accordance with current applicable federal, state, and facility, regulations, codes and policies and as may be directed by the administrator.

Essential Functions:
• Set tables.
• Serve meals and beverages to residents in the dining rooms and other areas as assigned.
• Cover beverages as needed.
• Store, prepare, distribute, and serve food under sanitary conditions to properly prevent food borne illnesses.
• Make coffee for residents.
• Read and correctly use modification sheet, to serve desserts, fruits, juices, thickened liquids, and supplements in correct portions.
• Serve on tray line, putting on correct choices and beverages.
• Clear resident trays and bus tables.
• Operate a commercial dishwasher: loading used/dirty utensils and dishes correctly; running them through the proper wash/rinse cycles; and unloading, drying, and putting away clean utensils and dishes upon completion of the wash/rinse cycles.
• Perform general department cleaning to include small pans, wares, and equipment; when time allows, without prompting of supervisor.
• Stock supply, pantry, cooler, and freezer areas with appropriate grocery items as directed.
• Know and follow dietary cleaning schedule.
• Perform all duties according to federal and state regulations, as well as the County Personnel Handbook, union contract, facility policies and procedures directives of the Food Service Supervisor, facility Administrator and/or direct supervisor.
• Know and observe infection control procedures related to the Dietary Department.
• Work scheduled shifts while consistently demonstrating dependability and punctuality, following facility policies and procedures.
• Accept assigned duties in a cooperative manner.
• Report all accidents and/or incidents which you are witness to regarding employees, residents, and visitors, immediately to the F.S.S or other supervisory staff; as well as being knowledgeable of where to find, and how to fill out, the necessary incident reports in a timely manner.
• Follow assigned job duties, adhering to scheduled time frames.
• Work cooperatively with food service staff and other departments.
• Attend mandatory and other in services as requested by the dietary, other departments or administrator, and/or review and follow up on presented information with the F.S.S.

Environmental and Safety Conditions:
• Keep floors dry. Clean up all spills immediately and put up wet floor sign when mopping.
• Know where hazardous Material Safety Data Sheets are kept, and know how to use them in case of emergency.
• Follow established safety precaution in the performance of all duties.
• Store chemicals and supplies in designated areas, according to federal, state, county, and facility policies.
• Must be able to withstand heat while working around stoves and ovens, as well as changes in temperatures while going in and out of refrigeration and freezers.
• Manage possible hazards associated with your duties such as cuts, burns, falls, loud noise levels, and potentially hazardous chemicals appropriately according to federal, state, county and facility regulations and policies.

Physical Requirements:
• Must be able to crouch, bend, grasp, kneel, carry, pull, push, reach, sit, and stoop, intermittently.
• Must be able to independently lift up to 50 pounds as duties require.
• Must be able to stand the entire shift.
• Must be able to coordinate hand/eye tasks, such as in operation of all commercial kitchen equipment, and to manipulate carts though doorways and tightly spaced areas.
• Must be able to read, understand, and correctly implement menus, recipes, and diet tags.
• Must be able to hear normal sounds with some background noise, in order to receive verbal instruction, hear alarms and buzzers, and discriminate normal sounds of machinery/equipment when in operation.

NOTE:  This job description is not intended to be all inclusive.  The employee will also perform other reasonable tasks as assigned by the Supervisor.  This document is not intended to imply a written contract of employment.

Deadline Note:

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