County Clerk

Application Deadline: 2021-04-07
Job Type: County
Job Description:

The job duties of a County Clerk are defined by county ordinances and state statutes and include but are not limited to administering elections, issuance of marriage licenses and County Board record keeper; to assist the public in non-statutory duties including issuance of passports, and work permits; and is a general resource for questions from the public; and to provide responsive, courteous and efficient service to County residents and the general public.

Illustrative Outline of Duties:
• Serves as the secretary to the County Board of
Supervisors. Assembles or supervises distribution of
Board and Committee meeting agendas, minutes,
reports, rules, indexes, notices and other legal
• Records County Board proceedings
• Publishes all ordinances after approval by the County
• Provides notifications required under open meeting
laws and advises the public and news media of
• Maintains records of County Board and Committee
proceedings for which the Department is the record
• Supervises Department personnel
• Oversees all elections for local, County, State and
Federal positions and referendum questions within the
o Assists candidates for local and County elections with
the election process, takes Declarations of Candidacy
and files nomination papers for County offices
o Provides information to the public regarding polling
locations and procedures
o Prints, distributes, collects, counts, posts, certifies and
validates election ballots and returns
o Conducts election procedure training for municipal
election clerks
o Appoints County canvassers, conducts the county
board of canvass and conducts recounts
o Responsible for maintaining elections
equipment/software. Prepares and monitors internet
election results
o Provide voter registration (WisVote) services for 27
o Publishes all required election notices as required by
o Responsible for maintaining all election security as
required by law
• Calculates annual apportionment of real estate tax,
personal property tax, forest taxes and special
charges, and certifies amounts and charges to
municipal clerks, County Treasurer and State
Department of Revenue, including library
reimbursement according to Wisconsin statutes
• Issuance of timber cutting permits, marriage licenses,
dog licenses, and domestic partnerships
• Prepares annual reports and submits to State as
• Prepares Department and County Board payroll
• Oversees printing projects submitted to the
Department for completion
• As County Corporate officer, signs and applies
Corporate Seal to County legal documents, including
contracts, agreements, deeds, ordinances. Signs
County checks for payment
• Prepares, recommends and monitors Department
operations budget. Monitors expenditures and
revenues. Deposits Department fees and payments
with County Treasurer
• Oversees the Clerk/Department role as defined in
various County Board Policies and Ordinances,
including Vehicle Use Policy, Facility Use Policy, and
surplus property (non-inclusive)
• Complete redistricting process as required by law
• Other duties as assigned by the County Board

Experience Requirements
• An elected position, and as such must meet
qualifications for a Wisconsin County elected official
Preferred Training and Education
• Associate’s degree in Business Administration, Public
Administration, Accounting or closely related field
• Three (3) years of recent supervisory experience
• Strong computer and customer service skills
• Work experience with elections, redistricting, and
government processes

Desired Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Mental Ability to…
• Effectively conceptualize, recommend, develop, and
implement plans and projects in a timely manner and
evaluation progress
• Analyze and exercise sound judgment when making
• Prepare required documents, reports and
• Perform detailed work accurately in compliance with
stringent time limits
• Prioritize, perform or solve problems related to
deviations in work assigned in order to meet fixed or
fluctuating deadlines and achieve work objectives.
• Manage multiple projects, prioritize multiple tasks and
• Understand, interpret, apply and explain departmental
policies and procedures
• Utilize a variety of advisory and design data and
information such as Wisconsin Statutes and
Administrative Code, candidate nomination papers,
legal documents, license applications, work permits,
meeting agendas and minutes
• Counsel, mediate and/or provide first line supervision.
• Advise and provide interpretation of how to apply
policies, procedures and standards to specific
• Maintain confidentiality in dealing with pertinent
• Maintain discretion regarding business-related files,
reports and conversations, within the provisions of
open record laws and other applicable State and
Federal Statutes and Regulations

Knowledge of…
• Governmental structure and operations and the Clerk’s
roles and responsibilities in county government as well
as knowledge and understanding of the applicable
state statutes and county ordinances
• Modern office practice and procedures including
business correspondence, and filing techniques.
Correct English usage, including grammar, spelling,
punctuation, filing systems, and vocabulary covering
common administrative terminology

Ability to Communicate…
• Verbally and in writing to convey information to the
County Board, Department Heads and Elected
Officials, other municipality staff, and the general
public in situations regarding tact, courtesy and poise
• By managing, directing, teaching, controlling,
counseling, mediating, convincing and persuading
• Explain, demonstrate, and clarify to others established
policies, procedures, and standards

Physical Ability to…
• Use fine and gross motor skills to perform tasks such
as operating a keyboard, photocopier, telephone,
calculator, and computer printer
• Exert light physical effort in sedentary to light work,
involving lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling

Work Environment
Work is performed in an office setting that is safe and comfortable in respects to violence, noise, and disease. Minimal lifting requirements of up to 25 pounds.

Deadline Note:

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