Conservation Program Manager

Application Deadline: 2021-07-31
Job Type: County
Job Description:

The ideal candidate will be comfortable outlining and planning all aspects of work related to a given project such as budget, timelines and teams. They will have strong communication skills that enable them to effectively communicate with all relevant teams. This individual should be able to foresee any problems related to the completion of a project and act in a timely manner to mitigate any issues.

This position is to administer County and State land and water conservation programs/ordinances and provide technical assistance to landowners relating to soil and water conservation projects, including conservation planning, engineering design, project layout, implementation and follow-up. This position serves as the project manager for soil and water conservation projects.
Develop timelines, budget, teams and plan for given project
Ensure high quality work is produced
Anticipate and solve any problems related to the program
Conduct performance reviews and evaluate program
Facilitate communication between relevant teams

Bachelor’s degree 3+ years of experience in program management
Certified Soil Tester and Morphological Evaluator (CSTM) license and certification or capable of being certified within one (1) year
Private Onsite Waste Treatment System (POWTS) Inspector or capable of being certified within one (1) year.

Please apply at

Deadline Note: This position open until filled

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