Communication/Corrections Officer-Female

Application Deadline: 2021-03-31
Job Type: County
Job Description:

The performance of this job entails two sets of duties- those of Corrections and those of Communications. The Corrections Officer maintains the security and safety of the Pepin County Jail and its inmates and provides for their needs. The Communications Officer provides central dispatching of all emergency services (i.e., police, fire, ambulance, and human service providers) for the entire county and surrounding area. This job requires the ability to function properly in high stress situations, follow established procedures, and maintain appropriate records of all actions.
1. l. Reports to: Jail/Communications Administrator, Chief Deputy, and Sheriff
2. Responsible to: Department Personnel of Sergeant rank and above.
1. Performs the following functions in order to fulfill the title of Corrections Officer:
a. Properly books inmates into the Pepin County Jail as set forth in the Jail Policy Manual.
b. Prepare, maintain, and update the necessary records, files, and computer information on jail inmates and their status.
c. Monitor inmates at irregular intervals (cell checks) in order to ensure their safety and protection and reports any emergency and/or special situations.
d. Provide health care through the jail nurse for all inmates requiring or requesting it, serves meals to inmates, and maintains clean and sanitary living quarters in the jail.
e. Process and record all incoming and outgoing inmate mail.
f. Supervise and observe all inmate visitation periods.
g. Release inmates from custody.
2. Performs the following functions in order to fulfill the title of Communications Officer:
a. Receive and/or initiates Police, Fire Department, and EMS telephone, radio, and teletype communications and, when necessary, dispatches requests for police, fire, ambulance and wrecker services.
b. Prepare, maintain and update the necessary computer information on Departmental complaints, Computer Assisted Dispatching as well as requests for fire, ambulance and other medical assistance.
c. Use computer to acquire DOT information for officers as well as criminal histories for the Department, and all other county law enforcement agencies.
d. Implement the County Emergency Warning System as necessary.
e. Provide counter service to citizens such as providing information, furnishing proper forms, collecting bonds, traffic and ordinance fines, and maintaining records of these transactions.
3. Has knowledge of essential building and jail mechanisms relating to utilities, locks and radio/telephone equipment.
4. Has knowledge of and obeys all policies, procedures, rules, order and directives pertaining to the Communications/Corrections Division.
1. Education/Training:
a. The skills and abilities of this job require knowledge normally acquired with minimum of a high school diploma or G.E.D. Post high school education is desirable.
b. Must complete the following certification requirements; LESB Jailer certification, TIME I & II certification. Must also maintain appropriate 24 hour annual re-certification requirements.
c. Must have a valid Wisconsin Driver’s License.
d. Basic computer literacy.
2. Skills/Abilities:
a. Ability to understand and follow directions in order to comply with County, State and Federal regulations pertaining to the performance of the job.
b. Must be able to maintain various cash ledgers and account books regarding inmates finances and belongings, canteen accounts, petty cash accounts, etc.
c. Ability to supervise inmates and demonstrate a firm but fair attitude with them in order to ensure uniformity of and equal treatment for all inmates.
d. Ability to refer public to appropriate agencies on matters relating to statutes and ordinances.
e. Ability to maintain a calm and clear mind in emergency situations, especially when dealing with individuals in high stress situations, in order to assess the situation and take safe and appropriate action.
f. Ability to communicate in a courteous, professional manner when assisting the public, other agencies, and fellow officers.
1. In order to perform the essential functions of this job the following equipment is normally used.
a. Basic office equipment; typewriter, calculator, copy machine, computer terminal, fax machine and multi-line telephone/911 equipment.
b. Technical equipment; camera and measuring devices.
c. Hand tools; broom and dust pan, mops and soaps/liquids and vacuum cleaner.
d. Law enforcement equipment; fingerprinting equipment, flashlight, keys, portable radio, CCTV recording equipment and OC gas.
e. Medical equipment; first aid equipment, bandages, rubber gloves, and other general medical equipment.
f. Food preparation equipment; cooking utensils and microwave.
g. Must be able to safely operate a motor vehicle in order to conduct inmate transports to medical appointments, pick up and deliver to other correction facilities and conduct errands for jail supplies.

Deadline Note: Application forms may be obtained at: or by contacting Pepin County Personnel Department at 715-672-8704.

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