Code Enforcement Officer

Application Deadline: 2022-12-31
Job Type: County
Job Description:

POSITION TITLE: Code Enforcement Officer

LOCATION: Planning & Zoning

SALARY: $53,005 – $58,995/Yr.

STATUS: Full time


WORK HOURS: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm


Issues permits and enforces County land use related ordinances such as the County Zoning, Airport, Floodplain Zoning, Shoreland and Shoreland/Wetland Zoning, Stormwater and Erosion Control and Land Division Ordinances.


1. Evaluates, interprets, and enforces County land use ordinances and other laws and regulations affecting land use control and soil and site evaluation test data related to Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems (POWTS).

2. Reviews and issues county permits for private sewage systems and zoning permits in accordance with land use regulations. Compiles and maintains records relating to Land Use and Sanitary permit issuance, POWTS maintenance, floodplain compliance records, surveyor’s records, and construction records for various government entities.

3. Performs field inspections to (a) verify soil and site evaluation data for individual sites and proposed subdivisions, (b) verify POWTS code compliance, (c) verify and obtain necessary data for permit issuance, (d) investigate complaints of violations regarding land use regulations or failing POWTS, (e) preview the need for variance, rezone and conditional use requests, and (f) establish setback averaging, wetland boundaries and establish Ordinary Highwater Mark.


1. Provides customer service to plumbers, contractors, property owners and other county departments.
2. Manages and maintains all records for preliminary consultations and zoning permits.
3. Manages and maintains all records for issued sanitary permits and the POWTS Maintenance Program which requires all septic systems to be pumped and/or inspected once every three years.
4. Helps and informs soil testers, plumbers, building contractors, and property owners of code requirements, zoning information, and the development process.
5. Drafts code amendments and staff reports for conditional uses, rezonings, and variance requests.
6. Handles multiple on-going projects simultaneously and prioritizes tasks to meet deadline requirements.
7. Enforces sanctions against zoning ordinance violations including intake of complaint, on-site inspection for verification, Notice of Violation, Municipal Citation, all contacts with alleged violator and, if required, all subsequent court appearances to bring about compliance.
8. Assists property owners, builders, and developers determine right-of-way or shore-yard setbacks, floodplain restrictions, airport height restrictions, and wetland restrictions.
9. Makes interpretations and recommendations for land use proposals and assists licensed plumbers in designing POWTS for on-site waste disposal.
10. Performs computer mapping and analysis with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software.
11. Attends Planning, Zoning and Board of Adjustment meetings
12. Serves as the technical advisor/liaison person to the County Board of Adjustment, including writing of Public Hearing notices, staff reports, and decision letters, attending public hearings, viewings, and deliberative sessions, and representing the Board in all court matters regarding decision appeals.
13. Calculates design requirements for all plumbing, treatment tanks and drainfield areas for POWTS.
14. Calculates all pervious/impervious area percentages for all properties within shoreland zoning jurisdiction areas.
15. Performs other related duties as may be assigned.


1. Reports to Zoning Administrator.
2. Works with multiple Winnebago County departments, local municipalities, other Wisconsin counties, Winnebago County townships, private contractors, state agencies and departments, federal agencies and departments such as the Register of Deeds, Clerk of Courts, Corporation Counsel, Sanitary Districts, Wisconsin DNR, and US Army Corps of Engineers.


1. Bachelor’s degree or higher from an accredited institution of higher learning, preferably in Planning, Zoning, Environmental, Soils or a related field.
2. A minimum of two years’ work experience performing zoning, soils and sanitary system inspections, including substantial experience in issuing permits for zoning, shoreland and POWTS proposals.
3. Current valid Wisconsin driver’s license.
4. State of Wisconsin Certified Soil Tester (CST) or ability to obtain within 6 months.
5. State of Wisconsin Certified POWTS Inspector or ability to obtain within 6 months.


1. Knowledge of natural resources, soil science, zoning, rural planning, surveying, development, forestry, water/shoreland regulations and agriculture.
2. Ability to interpret complex oral/written instructions and regulations.
3. Ability to use Microsoft Office software and related GIS software (ArcInfo, Client Access)
4. Ability to work with limited supervision, react to rapidly changing workload, set priorities according to seasonal demands, and make independent decisions and possess good organizational skills.
5. Possess good oral and written communication skills.
6. Possess ability to relate to a wide variety of clientele, ranging from the general public to those representing varied professional interests to various committee and county board members.
7. Ability to maintain a calm and professional demeanor when in confrontational situations such as dealing with violations, permit denials, or on-site inspection problems.
8. Ability to read and understand maps of various kinds and blueprints.
9. Strong written and verbal communication skills including listening skills.
10. Strong computer skills including familiarity with Microsoft Office applications and ability to learn and use county implemented software.


1. Ability to perform work from a sedentary position in a normal office setting.
2. Ability to perform on-site inspections in a wide range of weather conditions which may be wet, windy, dry, cool, warm, humid, etc.
3. Ability to negotiate varying natural terrain.
4. Ability to work in confined spaces or near heavy equipment such as underneath buildings, in soil pits or near septic systems.

Deadline Note: Recruitment will be ongoing