Clinical Licensed Social Worker

Application Deadline: 2022-07-18
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Job Title: Primary Care Clinic – Clinical Licensed Social Worker
Reports to: Chief Executive Officer
Supervisory Responsibilities:  None

Position Qualifications:
• Previous experience as a Social Worker in a health care setting.
• Efficient organizational skills.
• Proficient in maintaining accurate notes and records.
• Proficient in communication technologies (email, cell phone, etc.).
• Experience in health care IT systems and data reports.

Educational Requirements:
• Master’s Degree in Social Work or Sociology, and/or Psychology.
• Licensed in Wisconsin as a Clinical Licensed Social Worker
• Meets the National Association of Social Worker’s Membership Standards.

Essential Functions of the Primary Care Clinic – Clinical Licensed Social Worker
• Ability to demonstrate core values consistent with a patient/family-centered approach to care.
• Ability to demonstrate professional verbal communication skills, and communicate effectively with all patient care team members.
• Ability to demonstrate a positive, respectful attitude, and professional customer service skills.
• Ability to acknowledge patients’ rights on confidentiality issues, maintains patient confidentiality at all times, and adhere to HIPAA guidelines and regulations.
• Ability to proactively act as a patient advocate, responding with empathy and respect to resolve patient/family concerns.
• Ability to recognize and respond to opportunities for improvement.
• Ability to demonstrate continual learning skills, effecting change in approach to care based on established, evidence-based practice.
• Ability to demonstrate professional practice behavior.

Professional Functions of the Primary Care Clinic – Clinical Licensed Social Worker:
• Ability to provide psychotherapy services for clients ranging from children to adults within the MHLC Primary Care Clinic Setting.
• Ability to conduct psychosocial assessment and identify needs.
• Ability to determine appropriate fit for individual/clients services.
• Ability to collaborate with clients to write and review treatment plans.
• Ability to provide support for acute mental health concerns, and safety planning as needed.
• Ability to complete timely and accurate documentation of services provided.
• Ability to collaborate with primary care providers and other health professionals to promote an integrated approach to mental and physical health care
• Ability to assist in the monitoring and evaluating the medical necessity, appropriateness, and efficient use of health care services.
• Responsibilities may include program development, professional education, and the promotion of community education, and mental health awareness.

Physical Demands:
• Ability to demonstrate independent mobility; with full range of body motion and dexterity to allow for grasping, pushing/pulling, and continuous use of hands and arms for typing, filing, writing, and use of phones.
• Ability to lift, carry, push or pull up to 25 pounds.
• Ability to perform frequent bending, twisting, balancing, and reaching at/or above and below shoulder level, as well as occasional kneeling and climbing.
• Ability to stand, walk, climb stairs, sit for prolonged periods, and bend to the floor.
• Ability to demonstrate hand-eye coordination, and finger dexterity; as well as distinguish odor, color and texture.  Frequently will make assessments of equipment.
• Ability to demonstrate good visual ability and depth perception.  Frequently will see distant objects sufficiently to pass Wisconsin driver’s license vision test; and will see close objects to refer to computer and written documentation with accuracy.
• Ability to demonstrate good sound perception and discrimination.  Frequently will hear normal sounds and voices with some background noise to receive verbal instructions and communicate with patients and staff.
• Ability to continuously speak clearly, making one-self understood in face to face interactions with patients, families, and staff.
• Will continuously articulate with extreme accuracy and precision to give directions, both in person and on the phone.
• Ability to wear gloves and other protective equipment.

Typical Mental Demands:
• Ability to concentrate and maintain attention to detail for 20-45 minutes at a time with moderate interruption.  Frequently will remember verbal and written task/assignment for a period of time extending several days.
• Ability to deal with pressure to meet deadlines, to be accurate, to handle constantly changing situations, and to create a positive work environment.
• Ability to deal with a variety of people, stressful situations, and handle conflict, while maintaining a positive work environment.
• Ability to communicate in a professional manner both verbally and in writing.
• Ability and willingness to gain new skills and knowledge necessary for the performance of essential job functions.
• Ability to give, receive and analyze information for the performance of essential job functions.
• Contact Chief Executive Officer for accommodation requests.

Working Conditions:
• Exposure to disagreeable odors, communicable diseases, and bodily fluids 
• Exposure to the chemical compounds of medications and treatments
• Exposure to chemicals such as disinfectants, cleaners, soaps, etc.
• Exposure to latex, plastic, and other materials used for personal protective equipment
• Exposure to noise and distractions
• Exposure to unpredictable behaviors 
• Contact Primary Care Clinic – RN Care Manager for accommodation requests.

Employee Responsibility in an Emergency:
As an employee of Memorial Hospital of Lafayette County, you are expected to respond to emergencies involving the safety of patients, other employees, visitors and the facility.  This includes the ability to assist with a possible evacuation of facility if that has been deemed necessary.

Management Statement:
This job description is not intended to be all inclusive.  The employee will also perform other reasonable job related duties as assigned by the supervisor and/or other management personnel.  Management reserves the right to change job responsibilities, duties and hours as needs prevail.  This document is for management communication only and not intended to imply a written or implied contract of employment.

Deadline Note:

WCA Pres. & CEO Mark O'Connell spoke as a member of the @WiHealthNews Panel Series discussion on “Tackling the Opioid Crisis” today, with Dr. Rhitu Bhatnagar of WI Society of Addiction Medicine; Paul Krupski, of @DHSWI & @RepJesseJames @NACoTweets

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