Case Manager – Outreach & Targeted Case Management

Application Deadline: 2022-01-21
Job Type: County
Job Description:

This position is responsible for a wide range of individualized, client-centered case management services to individuals affected by mental health, substance use, and/or infirmities of aging. The case manager assists and enhances the ability of individuals to remain independent, connect with needed services, and reduce the risk of hospitalization. The case manager provides outreach to individuals in the community and provides targeted case management services to individuals connected with the Adult Protective Service/Adults at Risk system and/or Behavioral Health services who may need ongoing support for a period of time. Responsible for providing truthful and accurate written and verbal communications.
Essential Job Functions
Conduct necessary screenings and assessments, including AODA/Mental Health functional screen to determine program eligibility, client needs and strengths.
Develop comprehensive care plans meeting the requirements for Targeted Case Management and/or Community Support Program.
Provide support, perform crisis intervention, assist in development of natural supports, and make necessary referrals for services.
Monitor clients’ day to day functioning and effectiveness of services.
Complete all documentation as required by Department of Health & Human Services programs, consistent with program requirements, to include daily documentation of all face to face contacts, collateral contacts, and updating treatment plans and crisis plans every 6 months.
Monitor clients’ day to day functioning and symptoms, reporting medical/psychiatric concerns to prescribing physician/nurse practitioner. Attend psychiatric appointments and other medical appointments as deemed necessary.
Monitor commitments and/or WATTS reviews for assigned caseload.
Develop safety plans to protect individuals who may present a danger to themselves or others. Work with law enforcement to implement emergency detentions when necessary.

General Job Functions
Provide after-hours emergency “on call” services on rotating basis with other clinical staff.
Participate in continuing, appropriate professional training for Crisis and Adult Protective Services
Strictly follow federal and state laws and regulations, County and departmental policies and procedures in regard to privacy, security, and confidentiality of individuals’ personal and medical information.
Represent the Department of Health & Human Services Behavioral Health Program at community meetings and events.
Provide back-up to other case management positions within the division as necessary.

Deadline Note:

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