Agricultural Technician & Wildlife Damage Program Coordinator

Application Deadline: 2021-11-10
Job Type: County
Job Description:

Provide technical assistance to landowners for soil & water conservation and agricultural performance practices, programs, and activities in Ashland, Bayfield, Douglas, and Iron Counties. And implement the wildlife damage abatement and claims programs in Ashland, Bayfield, and Iron Counties.

• Develop & review Nutrient Management Plans (NMPs), educate farmers about NR 151 Agricultural Standards, coordinate NMP classes, remain current with Snap Plus.
• Promote Farmland Preservation Program (FPP), develop new FPP Agreements.
• Conduct on-farm conservation performance reviews.
• Develop & administer cost-share contracts for Nutrient Management and Farmland Preservation Program.
• Conduct on-farm visits to promote Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) programs: Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), soil & water resource management, etc.
• Administer tracking, reporting, and reimbursement for National Association of Conservation District grant.
• Administer and implement the Wisconsin Wildlife Damage Abatement and Claims Program (WDACP) including budgets & reimbursement in Ashland, Bayfield, and Iron Counties.
• Provide technical assistance to producers for abatement of commercial agricultural crop damage by bear, deer, Canada Geese, and turkey; recommend abatement practices, design temporary and permanent fencing systems, and certify the installation of abatement practices.
• Conduct fence inspections as outlined in the WDACP Plan of Administration to insure program fences are in working order and properly maintained.
• Provide producers with crop damage assessments using county approved damage assessment methods. Submit damage claims and reports to LCCs and DNR as outlined in the county Plans of Administration.
• Maintain producer files.
• Develop, or coordinate with GIS department, maps to identify program implementation.
• Coordinate rental of the department’s TRAUX no-till seed planter across the 4-county area; conduct repairs and maintenance of the machine, and coordinate winter storage.

Deadline Note:

Jefferson County Register of Deeds Staci Hoffman testified today before the Senate Committee on Housing, Commerce, and Trade on SB 590, which deals with requirements related to condominium documents. @NACoTweets

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