WCA Statement on State Budget Address-Governor's Budget Recognizes Critical Role Counties Play in State

Governor Scott Walker's 2013-2015 state budget announced tonight recognizes the critical role counties play in Wisconsin and provides support to allow them to maintain strong and vibrant communities, according to the Wisconsin Counties Association (WCA).


Budget initiatives that benefit counties include, but are not limited to, an increase in funds counties receive to maintain the state highway system and an increase in funding for mental health programs that will allow county programming to meet the needs of more people. In addition, funding for shared revenue, juvenile corrections and youth aids was maintained.


"The Governor's budget highlights the vital role counties play in maintaining the delicate fabric of our state,” said WCA Executive Director Mark D. O'Connell. “Counties provide the services that keep our economy thriving, our citizens moving and our state's most vulnerable citizens protected. Several provisions in the budget will help counties carry out the programs which benefit our citizens.”


WCA President Gus “Sandy” Wirth, Jr. added, "A successful state needs a strong economy which means business needs to get products to market and people need to get to their places of employment. The Governor clearly sees this and put forth a plan which partners with counties to maintain our transportation system.  I commend him for that and look forward to continuing our work to make Wisconsin's infrastructure the strongest it can be.”

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